Saturday, July 6, 2013

The very girly Stacy's in BGC

The first time I was told that Stacy's already in BGC, I made sure I could drop by to see what they've got. But since good restaurants are best visited with good friends, I opted for a take out back then.

Now that my friends are up to lunchouts more frequently, we tried Stacy's!

Stacy's in BGC
If you've gone to Stacy's in QC, you'd know that it's a chic restaurant with a very girly ambiance. The atmosphere is really inviting and kids and kids-at-heart will definitely love going to this place.
Aprons hanging on the wall
Beverages menu written on colored chalk

Their very cute mini-garden!
Every detail of this restaurant is really chic and cute. This is also evident with their food.

Your gourmand mom holding a cup of the
complimentary cup of popcorn
2 cups of popcorn for our group of 5
Each dining-in-customers get a cup of complimentary cup of popcorn. These cups of popcorn will probably receive all the Instagram-worthy shots that they deserve. They are so cute and, for free :)

Manila Pride at P195 + 10% SC
This is what I ordered - Manila Pride - their fried bangus topped with mango-tomato salsa, creamy scrambled egg and garlic rice. I would say that the food was average. But the detailing is still at its best. Look at that heart-shaped garlic rice!

Stacy Jones at P195 + 10% SC
I told you that I ordered for a take out the first time I heard that Stacy's already in BGC. Unfortunately, they have mixed up my order with somebody else's so I got this Stacy Jones instead of my Manila Pride then. Stacy Jones is their US Beef Tapa with their anyway-you-like-em eggs (scrambled by default), roasted tomato and garlic rice.

They also have cakes and pastries for those who wanted to just satisfy their sweet tooth. (Im sorry, Blogger won't rotate my already-rotated images of the cakes)

(L-R) Adrienne, Binx, Evita, Ann and me :)
These are my officemates that I was with when we visited Stacy's. I will definitely definitely bring Bubu here next time.

Your Gourmand Mom,

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