Friday, January 30, 2015

REVIEW: Silantro FilMex - Bo. Kapitolyo

I was craving for some Quesadillas yesterday so my new set of office friends suggested that we should head to Silantro for some heavy Mex lunch the next day!

L-R: Me, Juvy, Neil, Angel and Jess. Not in Pic: Tim
We arrived around half past 12 so the place was already crowded with lots of hungry diners. While waiting for our turn to be seated, my stomach was already grumbling as I see others enjoying their nachos, quesadillas and fries! I swear, I needed to have them!

So there came our seats and our dibs on their FilMex food.

First off, Papi's Fritas P.130

Papi's Fritas, P. 130
For a platter of fries, this is such a winner! All the gooey cheese and tomatoes, on top of skinned-on potato fries, it was really divine. I didn't even realize if it was oily or whatever. To me, it was just perfect!

Next appetizer, Beef Nachos.
Beef Nachos. P. 180
Okay, this one is everybody's favorite. As in everybody! This is like a staple to every diner's table. What can I say, hmm.. the gooey cheese on my Papi's Fritas plus a lot of chunky shred of beef - it was perfect!

Silantro Quesadillas, P. 160
Silantro Quesadillas, this has been my favorite. I could not compare it to any other Mexican resto's quesadillas because the cheese was so perfect it blends so well with their trio mexican dip. Will come back to Silantro for this!

Rib Finger, P. 220
I had my Rib Finger well done so it was really rubbery. To me, it tasted like the usual grilled T-Bone Steak. But the sauce and the mashed potato were perfect. According to my peers, I should have Medium Rare next time as that's going to give me a more tender meat, but I will more likely be ordering Lamb Chops which was highly recommended by my friends.

Silantro's Paella Fajita Mix, P. 250
Paella. I believe this is more Spanish than Mexican, but, it being a Fajita mix made it Mexican. This is really good because it kind of resemble to the traditional Filipino Paella that doesnt taste like Saffron. The combination of tahong, eggs, corn and what-have-you made it a good hit. This is highly recommended!

Okay, I guess that sums it up. 


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